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GRS certified 100% PCR plastic products for sustainable development worldwide

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In the context of green development, the Chinese solution to "carbon neutrality" - recycling, energy efficiency and low carbon - is receiving more attention. Promote green product design and build a green manufacturing system. We are accelerating the construction of a recycling system for waste materials, strengthening the recycling of waste paper, waste plastics, waste tyres, waste metals, waste glass and other recycled resources, and improving the resource output rate and recycling rate.

Henan Pingyuan, as the source production factory of GRS-certified recycled plastics, has been committed to environmental protection and recycling for more than ten years. Through independent research and development and adjustment of production processes, it has become a leading enterprise in the industry for a variety of recycled plastic products such as RPE/RPET/RABS/RPP/RPC/RTPU/RPC/RPOM/RPCTG. And it has become the only designated supplier of GRS certified plastic pellets to large domestic and international companies.

Most of the waste plastic bottles have great use value, such as used to make packaging materials, daily necessities, industrial supplies, household products and so on. When it comes to plastic, I'm sure we are not unfamiliar with it, from small plastic bags to plastic bottles, from large to various parts and even aircraft parts are plastic, simply everywhere. When plastic products have no more use and become rubbish, they become the biggest headache for human beings. This is because plastic waste is hard to degrade and lasts much longer than humans.

In recent years, as global environmental awareness has increased, brands are taking action to recycle. Consumers' right to vote on purchases, etc. have made the introduction of standards for the supply chain of recycled materials inevitable. The themes of recycling of production materials and promoting a circular economy to protect the environment are constantly being raised and emphasized. The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) focuses on recycled content, social and environmental practices and chemical use throughout the supply chain. This has made the standard a focal point for the recycled supply chain as well as for buyers and brands that are ready to participate in the recycled supply chain. Henan Pingyuan has also been committed to specifying industry standards in the field of recycled plastics. So far, the industry sectors covered include cosmetics, toys, household appliances, electronic products, clothing and automobiles. In PCR products, Henan Pingyuan focuses on the production of high quality recycled plastics and strictly controls every production step.

The Global Recycle Standard Certification GRS is an international, voluntary and comprehensive product standard that sets out third party certification requirements for recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental events and chemical restrictions. the goal of the GRS is to increase the use of recycled materials in products and to reduce/eliminate the hazards caused by their production. In terms of well-known global clothing brands, more and more high-end fashion brands are increasing day by day and are countless, but in terms of popularity, there are famous and world-renowned brands such as GAP, the casual fashion giant from the USA, H&M, the fashion giant from Sweden, C&A, the affordable clothing chain giant from Germany, and Inditex Group from Spain, which is ranked number one in Spain and one of the four largest fashion chain, Inditex owns ZARA, Pull&Bear, MassimoDutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, ZaraHome, Uterque, ZaraKids clothing brands, ZARA is the most successful of them all and is considered to be the most researched brand in Europe one of the most successful and considered one of the most researched brands in Europe.

With the GRS certification, the company has the opportunity to be included in the purchasing catalogues of international buyers and world famous companies on the one hand. Having a standardised label for recycled material content is also a solid step towards the international stage. On the other hand, it enhances the competitiveness of a company's "green" and "environmentally friendly" market and increases its brand value and influence. Having this ticket is the standard, and the concept of green, environmental protection, recycling and recyclability has gradually gained popularity. Henan Pingyuan hopes to contribute its share of enthusiasm to the green earth and provide corporate responsibility to change the world and achieve global sustainable development. We are willing to guard the green earth together with everyone. 





近年来,随着全球环保意识的增强,品牌的再生行动。消费者的购买投票权等都使得对于再生材料供应链的标准引入成为必然。生产资料回收再利用、促进循环经济等保护环境的主题被不断地提出和重视。而GRS(Global Recycled Standard)关注整个供应链中的再生成分、社会和环境实践以及化学品使用。使得这一标准成为再生供应链以及准备参与再生供应链的买家和品牌关注的焦点。河南平远也一直致力于在再生塑胶领域指定行业的标准,目前为止,所涉及的行业领域有化妆品、玩具、生活用具、电子产品、服装、汽车等,在PCR产品中,河南平远注重高品质再生塑胶的生产,严格把控每一个生产环节。



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